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You should send Aibachan this story. He would feel so touched.



loved ones never leave, if they continue to live in your heart and memories. they are only truly gone when the people they have touched no longer remember them.

i'm sure lily had a most fulfilling time with you and your family. and it seems Aiba was her favourite for a reason, ne? it might be just coincidence, but the thought that it's fate is more beautiful.

fate is a wonderful thing, sometimes.



thank u for reading, hun.

Probably it's just a random name that popped in aiba's mind while he was answering those questions. but i didnt expect someone who wd call his dog Atom, wd give such a feminine name to a cat.

Mitto, remember that day when TIME was released? Lina said she remembered clearly spazzing with u abt the album, when she heard Hafiz howling downstairs soon after 'it' happened.

Another thing, I sometimes called Lily as 'budak longkang', because she was found in the drain right? That always reminds me of you and your 'throwing-someone-in-the-drain' tendencies.

It would be nice to share this story with Aiba. If I'm not such a procrastinator, hehe.

We'll see.


Haha! 'Budak longkang' is what we call my adik too - we made a story that we picked him up from the longkang.

I miss the both of you.

I miss your long PMs a lot.

Can you imagine how long it has been since we met that very first time in Johor?





Thank you for reading, and for sharing your beautiful thoughts too.

Even though we have taken care of countless kitties, but Lily has always been special to me as an Arashi fan. It was as if the 'girls' in the family all share the same interest in Arashi. Our current 'baby' seems to be jealous of Arashi tho (of course, he wants all attention to focus on him xD)
Maybe that's why I still use the same userpic. I told myself on the day she died, I will one day reminisce the memories I have of her without the hurt. I guess today I can say that I've succeeded.

The word 'fate' makes everything in life seems so beautiful, doesnt it? Having a cat named Lily, who likes Aiba(at least she likes to stare at Aiba). 2 years later, Aiba chose the same name to answer that question. and usually I wouldn't read those trivial Q&A sections, due to how random the boys' answers could be.

Coincidence or fate, I will choose fate anytime. Like how we got to know each other *winks*


Haha, 'budak longkang'! *hi5s* Shows how much we love 'em, ne? *winks*

*hugs* it's been a while since I've written long long pms, even this post makes me feel kinda jittery before I clicked to enter it.

I missed our long convos too. I still remember how we wrote to each other back in the blue house, with our random observations and all. I still wonder what happened to bella_italia(Celeste). okay, now that's totally random. hehe.

Yes, our very first meet up! We have come a long way ne? I can never forget how u braved yourself to come to Johor all by yourself for the first time, in order to meet me. hontou ni, hontou ni... ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU~ ima made mo, zutto kanshashitemasu...




*pats and hugs my happy girl*

thank you for reading~


I remember Lily's story !! but i missed the part where she was Aibachan's fangirl, maybe Lina skipped that part out, so i wont take her as a rival !! :)

How's sengal? (i hope i get the name right)


aini~~~~ *hugs*

I bet if u met Lily for real, I think you wdnt mind being her 'madu' xDDD

It was so much fun to watch Arashi clips with her, her eyes will move along excitedly, and she sometimes tries to get closer to the screen, which will cover our view instead. It was amazing coz we knew her attention was solely depended on what she sees, not to the noise itself.

Sengal was as 'sengal' as ever. I think this is one of those 'seasons', so sometimes he wont be home for 3-4 days. Luckily he made it a point to return on dad's birthday yesterday. and slept like a baby in my parents' room.

*hugs* how's life in Perak? have u met up with Aina?


my deepest condolences



*hugs* yuko-chan! o-hisashiburi~~~

it's been more than 2 years, but thank you.

Lily is special, and so are all my other loved ones who are still alive. Gotta cherish them all while I still can, ne?

How are you? I hope you're doing good. Missed you so much.


such a touching story. pls send it to aiba, he has a radio show (email address available).  i'm sure he'll feel connected.  anyway my deepest condolence.  now when she's not physically around, she will live forever. in your heart. as long as you have a space for her there.



i think Lina might hv not tell you that ... i am freaking scared of cats, or any other animals .. ! but i love AIbachan (tade kena mengena lol)

Sitiawan isnt bad. Well, my life is basically at work 6 days a week, and Sunday is a day where i get to sleep whole day ! So no time to explore the area that well yet :) Met Aina, and her WHOLE family ! she helped me out with my current room, and showed me around last week before i went to her hse and buka puasa with her family .. super nice of her :D


You made me cry.  But it's a good cry. :)

This is very touching.  Stories like this only goes to show that we are all connected one way or another.  The tie that binds us keeps us alive, heals us and makes us better persons.  Most importantly, sharing our lives and the love we have is the best thing ever. *hugs*


hello there, louise~

I think this is the first time we met, hajimemashite ^__^

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

She has already 'connected' me with so many lovely souls, including you too. it's already wonderful enough as it is. 

can i hug u virtually? *hugs* thank you again for your time.



ahhh, u were scared of cats? xD no wonder she didnt tell you abt our own 'aba girl'!

Awwies, so sweet of Aina and her family to help you out~ Now you make me wanna move to Sitiawan! Aina is really a sweetie, finally you get to meet each other now... cant believe u girls are practically neighbours.

Speak of the Maou, my mom&dad just came back from terawih, and I can hear Sengal's "waaaaaarghhhh~" downstairs.



*hugs maan* owh, i made you cry! *takes tissues and wipe tears*

I agree with your opinions, about how we're all connected in some way or the other. Somehow, even when we're separated by distance and in the absence of words, the bond that we have for each other are much deeper than anything verbal or physical could ever convey. It just takes an open mind and heart to feel that bond.

and talking about this, I kept on being reminded of how u asked me thru pm, if I were going to Taipei, and I didnt respond to you(actually, if i were to answer you at the time, the answer will be a 'No', haha).

And yet~~~ we stayed at the same hotel on that 'foreign land'! It's still feels very 'magical' to me, whenever i think of it now. Chatting with fellow fans at the basement stairs... then finally introducing ourselves. No wayy... surprised wdnt sum up the whole feeling i had at the time. The timing is always perfect, ne?


owh dalinee it was so touching~~ aiba would call his cat lily~~ and lily lub aiba~~ omy~~ i lost word for it~~


*hugs ana dear*

thank you for reading, love. i dont think that aiba is someone who wd keep a cat, he's more like a dog-person ne?

but in a way, I think it means that our Lily will always be 'his' Lily....

The cutie in my idpic will certainly like that, hehe.

*chuus ana and the Lily's pic on the screen*


Awwwwwwww :"




[this is good] sweet writing :) i really like it...keep on doing it, yuo have potential :)



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