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Oh dearie! that's just so sweet! I can even sing to it just need to be a little bit more puitis & it'll be perfect for them to sing in their Malay regions tour.

Wah sih! Damn cheem.


Thanx for commenting, aina dear*hugs*

Let's sing it together later lah... hey, I need your help to make it sound more 'puitis'... I've been changing the words every single time I had the chance to. The first draft I did... *gelak pecah punggung* . Aku dah tak larat nak kisah lagi,hohoho >_<

Well... I dunno if they will ever consider Malay as one of the lingo that they're going to pursue~ It's a nice thought though.


Mitto... what's 'cheem'?

and I blame you for this major embarassment...LOL~

No... I LOVE YOU~ I realized how horrible my lyrics-writing skill is.

I even thought about translating 'SMILE AGAIN'... muri desu yo~


P/S: YOU go try translate the 'sakurap'~



*see? that's my grin,ehehe*

ah, iiya, no offend! that was my 'grin of compliments' ok? ^o^

guys, suge~~  yesterday was Mi-chan's in Chinese, now it's yours in Malay..hontou ni sugoi! *bows*

perhaps if i'm creative enough i'll convert it to my native language then (Melanau)? teehehehe...iiya, muri muri!! XDD (confirm putus urat perut nyer,lol)

Nice try dear, it's good! like aina-san said, i can even sing to it too, esp the chorus part! and i also agree with u letting 'SMILE AGAIN' as it is for now, sweet!  ^_^

Yosh, wish you all the best, gambare Linda-chan!! p(^____^)q


Thanx sayang! *hugs* Panjangnye sengih.... heheh

Ah, in Melanau? Why not? But you gotta teach me Melanau, ne? I guess we're much more critical when it comes to our own native language, aren't we?

Well, what I'm doing here, it's just for fun... I'm glad you enjoyed it, wouldn't mind if you think it's funny, coz I did 'twist' my ovaries while doing this... aiya~

I guess we can find lots of English translations nowadays (each translations are special and unique in their own way, so take your pick^^), so... I'm just going to be the weird one, and translate in Malay instead. *coughs* I have no preference in language though... *thinks some more*


woohoo!! Isn't this cool?!
We gotta translate the song into every language!!

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